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To find a trainer that suits you and your horse is hard. To find a great trainer for your horse and yourself is even harder.
I have been with Garyn for just over a year now. I first saw her and heard about her at horse shows and really liked what I saw and heard. She has proven to be a positive, caring, fair person. She has gone far and beyond to help me and my horse. She will listen to me and we can exchange training ideas, health issues, body issues and mental issues with my horse. I also love the fact that she never stops learning. She is so good at listening to me, for a great trainer there is the horse then there is the owner. Garyn is the best at feeling the horse she can relate to them so well; she is very calm but also confident with what she is doing.
She is honest to a T; I like that because we all know where each other stands. I also love my lessons that I have from Garyn. I can understand easily what she is telling me and if I don’t she’ll explain it to me in simple terms.
In NZ language “she’s a bloody beaut.”

Sally Fraser

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