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Kelsey Campbell


Kelsey is Garyn's second in command. She keeps the barn organized and the horses happy and healthy. Kelsey is the keeper of schedules and the glue that holds the team together. She has been with Garyn for over 12 years, and has made herself indispensable to Heidemann Dressage.


Kelsey trained her OTTB gelding Montague to Grand Prix, and is now working with her talented young horse, So Secret (a.k.a. Sia), bringing her up the levels. 

Emily Vander Haak


Emily started grooming for Heidemann Dressage in 2011. She currently runs the website and marketing for the team.  


Emily has a Haflinger gelding, Tony, who she rides in lower level dressage and trails. She is also a talented artist. She designed the Heidemann Dressage logo, and draws commissioned pet portraits. Her website is StrikingChestnutStudio.com

Rosie Lutz


Rosie is a talented rider, and we trust her to ride our green or difficult horses with patience and compassion. She produces happy, relaxed athletes ready to start their careers. Rosie is not only a wonderful trainer, she is a joy to be around and the horses love her!


Rosie is available for breaking, training, and lessons. For more information, visit her website at LutzSporthorses.com